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We optimize all activities related to information, material and financial flow. We offer globally integrated solutions tailored to the supply chain management needs of our customers, and we make a special commitment to industry-specific requirements.

3PL / 4PL

MAHETRANS LOGISTICS , logistics operations, warehousing, distribution, Customs, and transportation in integrating specialized, flexible and oriented basic is a third-party logistics (3PL) services. 3PL services give us the ability to provide superior knowledge, flexibility and global reach. It is important for us to provide our customers with cost-effective, orderly and efficient supply chain management and to be recognized as a loyal third-party logistics provider.


Reliability is the key concept in MAHETRANS LOGISTICS . Our expertise is based on long-term partnerships with major global shipping lines. We are able to provide our customers with an active and powerful service to find and install the most suitable solutions for all their transportation needs. Conclusion Our targeted organization allows us to guarantee both regional and global shipments with an exceptional and unique event. Thanks to our many years of experience in this field, MAHETRANS LOGISTICS manages to provide these quality services at competitive prices and to provide its customers with stable and reliable transit times.


At MAHETRANS LOGISTICS , we have the deepest belief that it is fundamental to provide our customers with results based on their individual expectations. Our expertise allows us to provide transport services tailored to the specific needs of each client. This includes, but is not limited to, finding individual solutions for you, creating your own individual route based on your specific needs. Shipping routes can be both international and domestic, depending on the characteristics of your cargo. We run regular land haulage services to from Iraq,Afghanistan,Iran, Syria, Armania, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Kyrgyzstab, Central Asia. Read More


Our company has established itself with a consistently strong performance as an air transport shipper using the most modern and forward-thinking solutions. Our success is due to the fact that we can provide the fastest flights on the most convenient routes with the best packaging options. We are here to help you choose the most suitable environment for your shipments, to find the best available opportunities for the services you request. Being able to satisfy this on a regular basis defines our success.


Thanks to our state-of-the-art technology, CEIV quality certified facilities and team, we transport your pharmaceutical shipments as being aware of the responsibility we assume. We handle human life by transporting your medication shipments meticulously within the time and temperature range, as required, to the destinations they are intended. We carry health all around the world. Read More


With our expert staff in the field of project transportation and our strong agency network, we offer our customers solutions tailored to their needs. We provide fast, reliable and advantageous transportation services to the desired point by planning the process of transporting heavy-tonnage and high-volume cargoes with our professional team in accordance with the needs of our customers.


We are sure to confirm that we have the facilities, the necessary expertise and knowledge to help you find different logistics and distribution solutions with us. Whether you need short - term regional storage services or long-term storage, you get satisfactory results-we are experienced in finding the functional and most efficient result. All distribution solutions from us are a strategic way to add value to your business.


KPI management is extremely important for a company in measuring how well they achieve their goals and objectives. We are here to help you do this effectively: Identifying, measuring and evaluating key figures is an important component to ensure long-term high quality and optimal cost structures through transparency.


Our partners are professional specialists who have been carefully selected to cooperate with us. As part of this service, we involve knowledgeable personnel in field projects and operations.
MAHETRANS LOGISTICS has a collective team of professionals with a higher education in the field of logistics and long-term practical experience.
We are committed to fulfilling our agreements with our customers on time at all levels and to always remain professional.
With this in mind, we can help you with any problems or questions regarding supply chain management, also help eliminate any problems along the way or off, we can help.